Yes, I am late with this one, too… Better late than never!

I am revisiting a Mom’s Ordinary Day Bible Study titled “Growing Strong with God.” It just seemed appropriate and spoke to me as I jostled back and forth through my faith shelf upstairs. Anyways I am on section 2 and I am taking piece by piece the Lord’s Prayer which I don’t believe I’ve ever done before. I am pretty sure it was likely an activity in AWANAs, but I don’t recall.

Before the Model Prayer is present, there are “directions” to the prayer. Matthew 6:5-7 make it clear that we do not pray in the synagogues and on the streets for the purpose of being seen. Pray in my room, with a closed door, in secret. Do not make “vain repetitions.” Pray from the heart. I am reminded that any effort to “be seen” in prayer (or as I call it, wearing the “Jesus pin”) is done without sincerity. I do believe those prayers are heard, but I am not certain as to whether they are considered. I will have to read more.
The great part of this message today is that it is exactly what I am working hard to do with the Good Morning Girls. Before I am completely wiped out at the end of the day, I am trying to take Quiet Time for myself with God during daylight hours so that I can be filled for the day ahead. Today after lunch when I had my Quiet Time and I had read the “directions” for prayer, I walked to the kitchen for water. And there was my candle for the Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge. Yes, I went ahead and grabbed one of the two candles I already had and began watching the flame today. My prayers for peace in my home felt just a little more peaceful…