I would really like to share a very insightful and thorough thought on the state of the state this morning. But I can’t. I am all used up. You see, I have this friend…

And she called me, and after all the niceties were out of the way we really started talking. I’m not sure how we got there, a magazine article in Newsweek about men, I believe. But it led to my theory about how boys are led intentionally by the state into a submissive role as men. Weakening men and therefore the family opens a huge barn door for the government to step in and steal the Head of the Household, growing its ever-starving belly of control.

Men must therefore be made equal to women, rather than stronger. In order to make everyone “equal” the standards must be lowered. And while I do not in anyway consider making men into women a case of “lowering” standards, I do believe emasculating men turns them into *gulp* wussies. Note my choice of word. I could have chosen another but then some people would be so offended they may not hear the intent of this post.

While Husband would like me to consider dropping this for a bit, I can’t. Maybe it’s my crusade. I’m not killing anyone in the name of God, so let’s call it a draw. I do believe that the feminist movement born from WWI and grown dramatically through WWII (and flourished in the resulting backlash against the new found independence) and fine-tuned through a system of government growth and dependence resulting in the compulsory education of youth to be the sole downturn of the family unit.

So you are not disappointed, let me elaborate.

Men are the head of our households. The head of our homes. Women are the heart. While children learn from both men and women, the women primarily do the guiding from birth through the early teens when children begin to stretch their own spirits and reach out for knowledge beyond the home, at a parent’s discretion, of course. The only way to diminish the strength, the energy, the power of the family, is to remove a parent. But the state can’t just rip a parent out of the home without notice. So it does it stealthily. It removes the mother.

By creating “initiatives” that entice, coerce, and further encourage women to leave the home, the home that they create, build, nurture, grow, the state creates a “need” for childcare. In walks government to the rescue. Government offers childcare in the form of education – which in and of itself is not a horrid concept. But then as more and more women celebrate “equality” more and more children are left to flounder on their own. How does the government equalize the disparity between children who have their mothers to love and nurture them in the home at will and the children who have mothers to love and nurture them in the home after hours? The government makes childcare, er, education, compulsory. By threat of a gun held to the parents’ heads (my dramatic interpretation of incarceration and removing the children from the home) the parents are coerced into subjecting their children to government daycare even when the family has chosen otherwise. This may be the single greatest parental rights violation of all time.

What does the government do when it realizes it has now enslaved a mass of children who do not want to be held in cages of minute thinking? It must create a doctrine of thinking that slowly manipulates the mind into believing it is free, yet is making all of the decisions for the child. The child is led into a herd and assigned an ID and is forced into a mold. Perhaps in one school there are 100 molds. There are still 1000 students. Perhaps there are only 300 students. There are likely only 30 molds. I think I am being generous, by the way. And what if a child does not fit one of the 30 or 100 molds on hand? May that child move to a school where he might fit another mold more easily? Not often. What happens then? The child receives a magic label. Perhaps the label is “under-achieving” or “ADD/ADHD” or “at risk.” Whatever the label, be guaranteed there is a course of study for that child. And therefore that child’s already limited opportunities with only 30 or 100 molds has now been reduced to one. Or ten if he’s lucky.

No one mold, not one of 30 molds, not even one of 100 molds can fit even a majority of the children. We are all born free. Until we allow someone else to take our freedom. Or our freedom is given away.

You see, my crusade is not anti-school. It isn’t anti-education. It’s anti-government control. It’s pro-freedom. Only a mind that can freely express itself without threat of injury, physical or emotional, is a truly unique mind. And there are only a few of those left.

So maybe I’m not used up. I am doing all that I can do to deliver to the world free minds. And to encourage others to do the same. God bless us all.

**NOTE: Many of the links contained within this post are not links I wholly endorse. Anyone can mess up and get it right occassionally. 😉