And acting on TODAY!

An Audrey Assad CD from We are THAT family. I’ve previewed every track and wow! It’s my style of music and pleasant to hear with positive messages beyond having what we’ll never get. Hurry over there now because the giveaway ends tomorrow!

Toriska Bags & Crafts on etsy is having a Grand Opening Giveaway: A Clutch Wallet of your choice. And I want to win! You’ve only got until tomorrow to compete with me.

Peter Rabbit Organics are the giveaway at 2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom. And to get these fruit pouches, you only have to respond  by Sunday. SO you’ve got time to forget and increase my chances! 🙂

And please. Someone tell me how I’ve missed this one for so long? The blog is way busy for me, but I no less do check in from time to time.  Dear Crissy has a mega-Giveaway thing going on! I mean MEGA. As in Calphalon, Scenty, Chantal, Cuisinart, Mikasa, and a bunch more. NO KIDDING! GO.RIGHT.NOW. Ending dates and times vary so pay close attention. You just won’t believe it. I mean it. You won’t.

And remember, if you ever win anything from a giveaway I link to, come back and tell me! Last week, I won my first blog giveaway… a copy of Lips Unsealed, Belinda Carlisle’s autobiography from Chick Lit Is Not Dead. I was SO shocked when I received the email, that I went to the site to be sure I was not getting scammed! HA!

But a note about giveaways… not all blogs will contact you directly. Most will expect you to follow up to see you’ve won and it’s up to YOU to respond to them… so keep track of what you’re doing!