Here’s what I have managed to learn since I began blogging on July 23, 2010.

  • mean posts about people, places, or things get the most reads
  • memes are a great way to get readers
  • liberals are offended by me
  • conservatives are offended by me
  • touchy-feely posts about faith and homemaking don’t get comments
  • direct, factual based posts about citizenship don’t get comments
  • cursing is not good for blogs
  • friends are embarrassed to share my blog beyond facebook
  • the blog has too many categories
  • the blog has too few widgets
  • while plain and easy to read, the blog isn’t “jazzy” enough to attract attention
  • my husband rarely reads my blog
  • I know very little about blogging

That’s about all I know. Happy 2 months of blogging to me!

(now go email my blog to your entire mail list, k?)