Isn’t that what the extra lives and energy thingies are called in video games? Or at least in the Mario games on the Nintendo 64 from years back? That’s what I needed yesterday – a power up.

Sometimes I get a little weak from exhaustion and such from low iron and poor/little diet and sleep. Doesn’t everyone? Yesterday after lunch, the wall hit. Know what I mean? The projects to be done were all in front of me. All the necessary supplies were readily available to me. But I could barely lift my arms. So, I thought on it a bit. I prayed on it briefly. Not sure I even listened for an answer, or was even open to one. I think I just needed to whine. And then I took action.

There were four baskets of laundry in the laundry room that never were folded on Monday, Laundry Day. The three eldest are responsible for washing and folding their own laundry. But they never did. Obviously, I was already “off” on Monday because I didn’t push it either. Then the two eldest came home late that night and were toast from an entire day of flying. So, now that I think about it, it wasn’t such a big deal that there was so much laundry to fold on Wednesday. SO… I made a plan.

After explaining to the children that I simply had to rest and there was not way around it and that I needed them to help me rest, I told them that the TV could stay on while I rested if they would fold, hang, and put away all of the laundry in the laundry room. Yes, it was a bribe. It was a pro-active bribe. I didn’t give them the opportunity of negotiation. I knew that since they’d not had TV pretty much since the Husband and olders had gone to Reno and then the two olders not since arriving home, that I had ’em. And I did.

For three hours I rested on my bed. For about the first hour, I did nothing. I could not even lift my arms. I never could sleep, but I just laid there like an invalid. Then I decided I must accomplish something so I tackled my Quiet Time first and then checked in on emails and links folks had sent me. I’ll be sharing some of those tomorrow. But for three hours I rested.
Since I now know I can do this, guess what I am doing right now? Resting! On my bed with the laptop. HA!

And you know what else about yesterday? Not only did the house not catch fire nor anyone get hurt, but the children were peaceful. When I did get up, I prepared a quickie dinner to pack into their Tupperware Lunch-N-Things containers, I prepared the late dinner for after the games, packed the truck, and only locked the keys in the house once! And we even all handled that with a laugh!
We left home on time and were able to stop by the Vitamin Shoppe and pick up some Floradix Floravital, of which I immediately took a shot. We arrived at our first game (Sawyer’s soccer) early and had the fabulous opportunity to watch a gentleman working with a falcon on the field. The kids were at ease enjoying their dinners at the field and then playing with friends. At our second game (Reade’s football) they were still peaceful and enjoyed a game of Family Fluxx on the blanket while I took baby steps in becoming accustomed to the hitting in contact football.
We came home and still no one melted down. Showers were taken with relative ease and mostly free of complaint. And then we enjoyed the Best Beef Dips Ever. And by 930p everyone was in bed and the house was quiet.

Apparently, as I’ve mentioned before, I need to learn to relax.