April 28, 1997 – After a week of staring at one another and sitting tensely through committee meetings and passing by and dodging one another in the halls of the state legislature, the Summer of Love began with dinner at a now extinct brewery and a beer at a local college haunt.

May 1, 1997 – A planned trip west was a foretelling trip east. Late nights and lots of talking on sand that washed away when we left to eat with the locals in the Middle of the Island which is now also extinct.

May 5, 1997 to June 17, 1997 – Many travels between a cities across four counties while I still had braces on my teeth.

June 18, 1997 to June 21, 1997 – We planned a party for our family and friends on the first day of Summer to share with them that we were in it for the long haul. But I did not expect…

A ring and a formal, “Will you marry me?”

Many more trips to the coast. Many trips to the river. Even a night on the river on a pontoon boat that was nothing but pontoons and plywood. That’s the trip into which our skillet entered our life. Many trips everywhere. We were together every hour we were not working. And some in between since his work occassionally brought him to the legislative buildings.

September 17, 1997 – Arrival at the coast for the wedding.

September 20, 1997, sunset – We were wed barefoot on the jetty with family, friends, and strangers and little boy boogie boarders.

September 21, 1997  to October 4, 1997 – A Nor’easter blew through on the 21st, the first full day of Autumn but we kept on with our Summer of Love. We took our banana boat out with the dogs. We spent perhaps one of the most fantastic nights of my life on that boat downtown on the riverfront. Amazing. We sunned. We danced. We had fun.

August 1999 – our first son, Reade, was born at home in a kiddie pool with reggae music easing him into the world.

March 2001 – our first daughter, Kelly Mae, was born at home in the same kiddie pool with no music, but a wonderful friend helping.

November 2001 – the real earthwork had begun on the land.

March 2003 – our second daughter, Rebekah Anne, was born into the world in the same kiddie pool in our home and in her water bag. She is royalty.

August 2004 – the progress on the house was slow, but steady and we were spending most of our days and nights here.

November 2004 – our second son, Sawyer, was born in our unfinished home’s master jacuzzi tub. His birth was a delight in the transition. Sawyer is the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.

November 2005 – we at last had finished the house and received the certificate of occupancy on Sawyer’s first  birthday. The C.O. was the second best birthday gift I’ve ever received.

September 2006 – Our fifth child, third daughter, Laura Lea was born at home in the jacuzzi tub. All the children were home and we piled in bed together afterward. Bliss.

September 20, 2010 – Lucky 13. Mike and I have been married for 13 years today. I love you. Thank you for 13 wonderful years. Thank you.