When I was writing about keeping score of borrowed and loaned books yesterday, I was reminded of how much we enjoy our magazine table.

It’s just an old drop-leaf table from somewhere (sorry, Husband, I know I am supposed to know from where). I buy upholstery fabric on a scrap table locally and change out a piece of fabric with the seasons to keep it fresh and cover up the water rings and stuck-on paper.

The table is a centerpiece. Not because it’s pretty. It is actually located in the center of the big living/dining/kitchen room. Every person in the family knows they can go to the table and find something to occupy their minds. There are aviation periodicals, science and history periodicals, homeschool magazines and catalogs, clothing catalogs, and the children’s seasonal books I discussed yesterday. And our local Times-Snooze. Something for everyone.

As new magazine issues and catalogs arrive, I file or recycle the old ones. Newspapers do tend to collect, but even they get cleared somewhat frequently because almost (I stress almost) every day the table is cleared and straightened. It gets very messy because we are constantly moving and picking up and reading and setting back books, magazines, and catalogs. And it can be a clutter catcher as kids (and parents, but not the dog nor the cat) move in and out of the deck or from one room to another. But it gets cleared. Almost every day.

Do you have a magazine table? Or a media center of some kind where current information is kept and accessible to everyone?