Loaning and Borrowing. Borrowing and Loaning. It’s a slippery slope in both directions. It’s the essence of community. Especially when it goes both ways between friends and neighbors rather than one way…

I wanted to share a few tips for loaning and borrowing things, especially books (think curricula, friends who learn at home). Create a space just for items you are borrowing. Not for just anything, but a space for borrowed books from friends, from the library, from the church, etc. I have two such spaces. One is a shelf upstairs in the library where I place books and such that I have borrowed from friends. That’s where they live except for when I am actively using an item. Then, since I am a bit forgetful, when a friend buzzes me to ask if I have something I can quickly look and check. I was able to quickly assure a friend of a book of hers I have. She needs it back and I have it. *whew* I’d much rather lose something of my own than something of another’s.

Do any of the books on the right side of this library shelf look like yours? I know the do to some of you!

Library books have a home as well. Their home moves from time to time depending on how we are using the books, but primarily books borrowed for lesson work go on our lesson shelves (to the right of the bottom shelf in the picture to the left) together in a neat row. 

Books borrowed for casual reading go on our magazine table with a collection of our own books that I rotate for the season. I just brought down some Autumn and Halloween selections and put away the Summer books. *sniffle* There are a few astronomy books and a bird book for kids to use in conjunction with projects as well.

Likewise, create a sign-out sheet for your own items loaned and keep it in one place. Perhaps that Homekeeping Binder you’ve been putting off building. Then when you take a book off a shelf, or an essential oil out of a kit, you can easily jot it down and know where to go when you need the item back. This I have not done with any consistency therefore I do not know where my Daily Grams for grades 4 and 5 is. It’s a blue softcover book. Anyone?

I like to share and sharing saves money for everyone. As a Homemaker, a significant part of my responsibility is to save as much of Husband’s earned income as possible.