Here are a few kind, gentle, not controversial things I found while perusing my favorite daily blogs.

The Wholesome Child’s Homeschool Freebie is a sweet Autumn Nature Study for primary students that incorporates literature and art as well. But you don’t need to be a homeschooler nor a primary student to enjoy it. After printing it for use with primarily my two youngest, I’ve decided we’ll incorporate into our Outdoor Hour Challenge times which I hope resume this upcoming week.

SouleMama’s {this moment} photo is sweet and delightful. A child doing what children do without any adults to step in and tell how it should be done. See my {this moment} photo here.

SnoWhite is Finding Joy in [Her] Kitchen and shares sweet Homemade Oreos (by Bake at 350)  at the top of her Friday Favorites list. Man! I love some Oreos but don’t care for the film feeling they leave in my mouth. I best these will only leave me wanting more.

Laura, the Organizing Junkie who you’ve heard me mention, announced a sweet Closet Giveaway today. I won’t say anymore! You’ll have to visit to see!

And in the category of giveaways, sweet Courtney announced a Book Giveaway as promised this morning on the Good Morning Girls blog.. Don’t new books smell and feel so good?

But my very favorite of the day? One of my very Favorite.Books.Ever. was mentioned on To Love, Honor, and Vacuum with a fabulous explanation of how boys are not necessarily meant to be all that sweet. Enjoy!