That’s when I’ll start to get sleepy tonight. As they’re leaving Las Vegas. A four-leg tour turned into a five-leg tour which started at 615a today. That was 15 hours, 35 minutes ago. And still one more leg after Las Vegas. The hop to Reno.

What an adventure! The two eldest are traveling with Husband and his Partner, Dear Friend, “Grandpa” to the 47th Annual National Championship Air Races and Air Show in Reno, NV. Somewhat the end of the flying season all wrapped into one big adrenaline rush.  Wow. I am so proud of my pilot.

He’s not racing. He’s flying the twin Cessna almost all the way to the other side of the country. Was it 2100 miles? Or 2300? I can’t recall. It’s a lot. I hope while they’re there they do indeed go the distance and show the children the West coast.

Late into last night, I was working with iTouches resetting restrictions, downloading movies, updating apps. There’s even an iPhone/iTouch app for the races! The children were packed earlier in the day, but I develop a bit of anxiety. I’ve no doubt they’ll make it safely. That’s the easy part. It’s just the… the… the… well,  I don’t know what it is. Just some anxiety. It often results in my getting just a little bit mad with Husband. No reason. Just because. But I recognize it now so I hope that it makes me just that much less of a witch.

When Husband is on a trip, I am an efficient fiend. I don’t sleep well so I take on huge tasks that are otherwise ignored. Tonight’s task is the  play table! I cannot tell you when it was last cleared. I cannot. And if you look closely enough, you’ll see several grape cluster stems. No grapes, just the stems. I am certain that they were intentionally saved.

On the redeeming side, the rest of the loft and library are quite straight. And I’ll need to tidy the house a bit because we’ll be leaving bright and early for two dental appointments. WHY is my house in disarray at bedtime? Well, when the cat’s away the mice will play.

I feel an intense responsibility in regards to the orderliness of our home. Intense. Husband and I have an agreement – If he’ll give me a 20-minute warning, I’ll have the house well picked up. No warning, no promises… And I have to say, it is rare that the house is ever truly a wreck. Well, except for that play table. And we’ve a place for everything. But… when Husband is away, we all let our hair down a bit. Not a lot. Not crap all over the place. Just let-the-empty-pitcher-sit-on-the-counter-top-til-morning kind of relaxed. So, I don’t really have much to do. Especially now that I think about it.

Yeah, now that I really sit and write and think about it, I am taken back to my post earlier where I stated I needed to learn to relax. Not relax like in-a-tub-relax. But let-my-hair down-more relax. Like I talked about in one of my first FRI-DAYs. Today was so easy and so pleasant. I just let it roll… and roll it did. Nothing is torn up. No one was yelled at and no one threw a tantrum spurned from my stress to get something done or to get somewhere. Wow. And if I stop to really accept it, that’s how most of our days are when I pull the stick out of my butt and just relax.

It’s up to me. I need to not worry about me. I want to enjoy my family. More. Needs are important, but sometimes (and I stress sometimes) needs to be balanced with wants. Especially when the wants are about Quality of Soul, not Quantity of Life. My definition of Quality of Soul does not involve things. Quality of Soul only involves people. Quantity of Life involves things. The quantity means nothing if the quality is not nurtured first.

So today, we took it moment by moment. We ate breakfast out. We goofed around town at a leisurely pace. We snacked for lunch. We played games. We enjoyed a monthly gathering here with friends. We experienced a positive piano lesson and later a chill piano practice without tears. We visited with more friends afterwards. We made a quickie dinner that made everyone happy and was healthy. We went out to Sonic for dessert. Why does Sonic bring such happiness?  And I did not flinch about spending the dollars. (I am usually filled with anxiety about splurges – two in one day is rare!) And I didn’t fret about not exercising. I just lived our life. Our life.


Life was beautiful today.


And I am looking forward to pouring over every moment as I start to clear off the play table while listening to Little Women on my iPod, occasionally staring over the banister at these beautiful faces, and watching to see they’ve landed safely in Reno. And once I hear their voices, I will settle down.