Good Day! Just a short note that I will not be posting today. We’ve quite a few tasks to tie up and some serious quality family time to enjoy with youngest son’s first soccer game tonight and the impending cross-country flight.

Take a few minutes to share with me a story about something that reminds you of someone in my Nini B Scrub Giveaway that ends tomorrow night at midnight EDT.

For today, enjoy my post and others on the Raising Homemakers Homemaking Link-Up. So far, there is a really neat idea about Organizing Make-Up,  yummy looking recipes for bean salad, vegetable salad, soups, and jams, and one woman shares her decision to become a homemaker. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I will (tomorrow! for me).

Look for many posts in the days to come – of all kinds! I’ll be writing about aviation, baking, school boards, vegetarianism, borrowing and loaning, and contest entries.

Have a great day!