We have a sweet friend that makes this fabulous sugar scrub – Nini B Scrub. I’ll share her story in a moment. First I want to share my story – aren’t I selfish? A story about one particular scent of Nini B Scrub: Mary had a Lemon Lamb.

I am not a big self-pamperer. I find very little time and patience for many of the spa products on the market. However, I had won a salt scrub from a well-know large, multi-national company and really enjoyed it. A very kind and sweet friend, Susan, saw that I enjoyed it so much and gave me another jar of it. And then once I bought a jar. Man, I like that stuff. It just feels like it washes everything away. But not being one to pamper myself, $28 a jar was more than I was willing to pay once or twice a month no matter how much I enjoyed it. So that fancy passed…

Then, walks this amazing family into our life courtesy of another dear friend. And, I don’t remember how it happened. I don’t know if they gave me a sample, or a jar, or I bought a jar…I don’t know. But this family sells a sugar scrub. And man-oh-man do I like it. And now I am supporting an enterprising young lady in my community. And this scrub comes in a variety of scents (versus one scent of the other) and is much more reasonably priced at $10. The scents are very light and airy, not overwhelming. And very disctint. But not at all heavy.

I’ve tried many scents including “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine”, “Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly”, ” and peppermint, for which I do not recall its clever name. But my favorite is “Mary Had a Lemon Lamb.” I thought it was my favorite because it reminded me of the beach. But that’s not it. I just recently hit on why “Mary Had a Lemon Lamb” is my favorite. My Nana.

I shared some photos of my Nana in my Grandparents Day post from this weekend. My Nana did pamper herself and tried earnestly to teach me the same. She really did. She always smelled good. Her bathroom counter was covered with Chantilly Lace cologne and Avon Skin-So-Soft and some “Emerald” something powder and many, many other scents.

“Mary Had a Lemon Lamb” is like a big melting pot of all those smells. “Mary Had a Lemon Lamb” smells like my Nana’s bathroom. When I realized this, I just cried. And I am teary now. I love my Nana. I love my Nana.

Patsy Ina Ramey Berry McMahon died August 25, 1992. I had been a freshman at Meredith College for one week. To the day. When I left Tennessee that summer, just days before I was scheduled to move in, she was not well. She was in the hospital. The cancer she had been diagnosed with nearly ten years earlier had become widespread and had ravaged her body. I did not want to leave her. I.DID.NOT.WANT.TO.LEAVE.HER.

But I had to. She had always wanted me to just go to college. And I had chosen Meredith. I could have gone to any college I wanted. I had graduated from the NC School of Science and Mathematics and been accepted to every college to which I had applied. But I chose Meredith. I think because they are the “Meredith Angels” and I was Nana’s “Sweet Little Red-Haired Angel.” Not necessarily the best reason for choosing a college, but it is what it is. And I get there and one week later she died. I was a fool at her funeral. I saw her in the casket and ran out crying and walked much of the way away, in the dark. It is what it is. I regret that being my last sight of her.

Anyway, I digress as usual.

This precious young lady and her Nini B’s Mary Had a Lemon Lamb scrub has brought my Nana’s active memory back. Oh, how I love this. I am grateful. Never would I have ever thought this would be what made Nana feel so close to me. Yet it is. And I am grateful.

So this giveaway is not a sad one. It is a very joyful one. So, my Nana and I would like to introduce you to Nini B Scrub…

On a Thursday afternoon in June 2010, a very eager 10 year old, Cornelia, set up a table on the lawn at the Elon Farmer’s Market Kid’s Day at the Elon Community Church to sell jars of her mother’s body scrub recipe in order to earn money towards her first camera.  The market founders, Fabian Lujan and Sandra Sarlinga sponsor a day where local children can sell arts, crafts and garden produce alongside the regular vendors.Cornelia decided to call her product Nini B Scrub, using her nickname, Nini, and B for Barnwell.  She hand-cut and inked her first business cards and tags.  Inspired by her little brother’s love of sheep, and with songs and nursery rhymes still chiming in her head from her younger days, she made up names for her scrub scents like ‘Mary had a Lemon Lamb’, ‘Oh My Darlin’ Clementine’, and ‘Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly’.  By the end of the afternoon at market, Cornelia nearly sold out of scrub. It was an encouraging start.Cornelia pestered her mom to let her do it again.  Since her gymnastics schedule conflicted with Thursdays at the Elon Market, and with good advice from a dear friend who sells yummy home made granola at several local markets (Alicia of Gorilla Grains), she found a spot at Saxapahaw Farmer’s Market on Saturday nights for the rest of the summer.  It was a great experience for Cornelia, and her scrub had a new following.  She has earned the money to buy her first camera and is already discussing plans for another summer at the Saxapahaw Farmer’s Market.

Nini B Scrub is a whipped soapy suspension of salt, sugar and essential oils.  Used in the shower, it leaves the skin squeaky clean, slick and smooth, ready to soak in a favorite moisturizer.  The scrub has had a local and minor cult following for some years among the Alamance County crowd but has never been officially branded, named or marketed until this summer.   

Nini B Scrub is sold in 16 ounce reusable shatter-proof jars for $10 and 16 oz refill bags for $6.  Cornelia can be reached by email at cbrnwl@yahoo.com to purchase. 

Available scents:
Oh My Darlin’ Clementine (tangerine)
Mary Had a Lemon Lamb (lemon lime)
Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly (lavender)
Lemon Ice (lemon and peppermint)
Pink Peppermint

Here’s how this giveaway will work…

The Prize: one jar of your choice scent of Nini B Scrub

How to win: Leave a comment sharing how something reminds you of someone special.  Buy a jar of Nini B Scrub or tweet, facebook, email, blog about Nini B Scrub Giveaway for additional entries but be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry you earn. All entries are due by Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 1159p EDT.

How the winner will be chosen: I am going to attempt to use a random number generator. If that does not go well, I’ll do like last time and stick names in a bowl and let a kid choose. I will announce the winner Friday morning.

Make my Nana proud and share this giveaway!