I was downloading photos from my the camera to Creative Memories’ Memory Manager (shameless plug for my friend Tami Nice) and I was transferring a few from the last week to a folder on my desktop. I stopped and enjoyed some of them and saw that so many of our last photographed-by-me events have been really silly, simple things. But they’re the things kids will remember. And me, too. I thought I’d share a few.

We have a silly little thing with birthday doughnuts…

When the kids have a birthday, we eat doughnuts for breakfast. Real from-the-bakery doughnuts. These are the only times we eat doughnuts for breakfast so it’s extra-special. And of course we need candles on a doughnut!

We also have a silly thing about taking our (Husband and me) picture on the children’s birthdays. Usually we just hold the camera away from us and snap a shot, but this morning Husband used the magic timer on the camera. It turned out OK. Can’t see his gray hair nor my wrinkles.

A newer silly birthday tradition is Momma making the birthday cake. Earlier somewhere in this blog, oh, yes…my Confession, I mentioned that I am not the best baker but I’ve not given up. Wee one had asked for a “Yellow dog birthday cake.”

So, of course that’s what she had. The ribbons in the dog’s ears are her initials. Clever, huh? And yes, it is a DOG…

One of her birthday gifts was Candyland. So we had to have several rounds of this silly game.

A few days later we enjoyed a grilled dinner outside. We had grilled-in-the-husk corn-on-the-cob, salad, and bacon-wrapped filets. The filets are a super-great deal from a local butcher and are the best in the town. This whole meal cost our family less than $30 and was more fun that we ever imagined. Eating out on the deck is one of our favorite things to do. And I think the kids will remember it.

The next day was a half-birthday for the red-head. Yes, it is silly, but we celebrate half-birthdays. Don’t you remember how important they were when you were a kid? The red-head requested a pink Peace-Love-Happiness cake for her half-birthday. And yes, I made it and she got what she wanted. My icing was super yummy, the cake improving, and the decorating…well, I’m coming along with that. The kids, however, think it is all fabulous.

It really is the simple things.