The forecast for here today includes a good chance for showers and thunderstorms. I love a rainy day! I really do. Never NEVER do I begrudge rain. Of course, I don’t live in a floodplain so I am not sure how I’d feel about rain if I did live in a floodplain. No less, today I don’t so I am hoping for lots of rain.

On a good rainy day I like to be lazy or get into a good rainy day project. You know, a project that is not appealing when the sun is shining and the air feels so good. Today it might be the few remaining boxes from our move nearly 5 years ago. Then again, it may be a book I am hoping to finish this week.

In the event you’re online long today and hope to find some new and inventive ideas for homes, including organizing and cleaning and purging, start with this list from Organizing Junkie.

Or if you’re looking to get rialed up, maybe peruse Free Range Kids’ weekend posts.

Or keep it more mellow with sweet thoughts and tips and tools for homemaking at last week’s Homemaking Link-Up at Raising Homemakers.

Or… drumroll, please… start your own blog! Here’s a good site for newbies like me!
Whatever you do, make it your day to relax. It’s the Sabbath.