And apparently time to re-state a few things. And I’ll be brief. And I am not retracting, changing, or amending my words as our politicians are so famous for doing. I am just summarizing them in brief in the event that my words were too wordy originally. (Boy, that sounded really stupid.)

When I spoke earlier this week about Divorce, I never said nor suggested divorce is wrong. As a matter of fact I went out of my way to do so. I never said anyone should stay together for the kids or that families cannot function more cohesively when separate. Never said it.

Here’s what I said (paraphrased, but read the original): Families are meant to be together, not apart. When divorce happens there are victims. But no one is faultless. Both the man and woman say, “I do” without pressure. If you’re a bad picker, well, you’re a bad picker. You have fault that the marriage failed as well. Just because he was an ass or she hit you repeatedly does not mean you are not at fault. As discussed in I was sitting on the front steps, choose wisely. And for those of us that are beyond the choosing point, we can guide and direct and nurture that wise choice in our sons and daughters.

In regards to the Duggars, I thought it was clear, but apparently it wasn’t. We quit watching because of the commercials. I don’t care to explain to my kids for what Viagra, Trojans, some patch birth control, or Plan B are used. Not yet. They’re too young. And a show aimed at families should think wisely about commercial placement. And I suspect it was not “random” so please don’t offer that thought.

And a last word for those who would like to see me share more uplifting and encouraging words rather than the downsides of life.

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