I think it was when the Duggar family only had 16 kids. Only had 16 kids. Yeah. When they only had 16 kids our family watched one evening of the Duggars. Just one evening. It was great to watch and see a family living so independently from the rest of the world. And without the greatest burden that most smaller families do have – debt. And that was pretty cool.

But we only watched one night. We only watched one night because of the commercials. Now, the messages were GREAT. The messages solely being, in my opinion, that children are a blessing not a burden and that families are meant to be together. But the commercials. Commercials for erectile dysfunction and then commercials for condoms (once the purple or blue or whatever pill kicked in) and then birth control (for preventing the purpose of the erect penis) and then, I am not kidding here, a commercial for some over-the-counter spa product for which the woman was using to escape the running, screaming banshees outside the bathroom door. I kid you not.

In between this beautiful and informative and inspiring and tip-offering show about the blessings of parenthood we went from making a penis work when it won’t work on his own to how to protect him from doing what he does to preventing the sperm from finding a mate should one escape to how to outrun the little boogers the sperm and egg create. I kid you not.  I do think I vaguely remember a morning-after-pill, Plan B, commercial as well, but I cannot say with clarity that I do…

And so we stopped watching the Duggars.

I don’t think the Duggars are awful human beings. To the contrary. I see no reason what it even matters what I think. They don’t ask me to support their way of life. They don’t ask anyone to support their way of life. When their ratings fall and TLC drops them, I feel confident that they will find another way to make ends meet. I’ve no doubt, actually. These people have faith, love, and ethic. That’s more than I can say for most of the people I know. I kid you not.
So, I will say, that while I don’t watch the Duggars, have no connection to the Duggars, and frankly, don’t even care about the Duggars, I will defend them heartily when the media, a friend, a blogger attacks them for being irresponsible (leftist women) and pimps (leftist and jealous families) and breeders (leftist and whacko environmentalists). I will defend them voraciously because they are doing something most other citizens do not do. They do not rely on the gubmint to help them. They don’t even rely on the most standard gubmint hand-out –  public school. They take care of their own.
And without fear of embarrassing these people, let me lead you to some articles/blog posts:

Charlie Richards at Big Journalism spent time with the family and shares his experience and insight here. I learned about his story from Jill Stanek’s post. Spend some time scrolling through these remarks and comments.