Last week I took a letter I wrote I adjusted it slightly into what I called a Treatise on Education and Responsibility. The writing was closed with:

I don’t know any parent who public, private, or home educates her children and feels she has all the answers. None. The goal for me is not give the children everything they need. It is to give them the ability to learn for themselves everything they need. And that, in my opinion, does not require anything other than a steadfast parent.

That pretty much sums up my philosophy of parenting. It isn’t my job to complete them. It’s my job to provide them with the skills to complete themselves. Of course, I know they cannot be complete without Christ in their lives but that, too, is their decision. I can’t do it for them.

A couple of days ago on Generation Cedar, Kelly wrote about the Secret to Parenting Success.  She says,

“…we haven’t made wisdom ‘the principle thing’ in bringing up children. We have instead become worshipers of ‘education’, thinking that will lead to their success.”

I encourage you to read her posting in its entirety. I appreciate her honesty. She’s so gentle. I don’t have the kind and gentle spirit she has, so this may go down a little easier than my words.

Think on it. Truly think on it.