And here I am. I want a nap. But not the short kind that leaves me angry and with a headache. I mean a real nap. The kind after which I can lounge in bed and stretch and stare at the ceiling until I want to get up.

A busy morning that included an appointment and a couple of errands has led to serious jet lag after lunch. And only more running to do this afternoon.

“Why do you do SO much.” Well, dah-ling. I don’t “do so much.” I have a lot of kids.

If I had one or even two kids it’d be no big deal. But when there are more than that, well, it takes a symphony of preparation. Preparing lessons so they’re ready to go on the road for the morning appointment and errands. Preparing dinner before I leave the house so  that it isn’t one more thing to do. Preparing gear so that no one leaves without anything. Preparing snacks for the trip between an activity and a meeting so the precious ones do not starve. Preparing for the meeting. Preparing for this, for that, and for everything in between. Oh, and then just DOING the things that need to get done – breakfast, exercise, laundry, beds, etc etc. Point is, preparing for more than two people is just a job in itself.

Yes, the kids CAN and DO their fair share (as is appropriate for his/her age, and I’m tough).  But there are just some things Momma has to do.

Momma has to put lessons in the lesson books. And record the lessons as she does so.

Momma has to put the frozen chicken in the crockpot with its sauce she made at 630a this morning.

Momma has to prepare the wee-one for cast removal.

Momma has to prepare the lunch so that it can be made super fast.

Momma, Momma, Momma!

This is not a whiny-pants list. I do not begrudge my job. And I more than anything, do not want anyone to do my job for me. It’s MY job. And I love it.

I just want that nap.

One tool I’ve really come to appreciate (and is going to help me get that nap in today) is the Daily Docket at The days I do NOT use this sheet, are the days I often find myself floundering.

I suppose everyone uses the Docket differently. For me, it is a checklist. It helps me keep tabs on grocery items needed, what exercise I am doing today, my MITs, my dinner plan, etc etc etc. And what I don’t use or need to remember, I just transfer to the next day’s Docket. I keep the dockets for a few days so I can see trends and see what I am avoiding and what I am easily accomplishing. I like to think I am constantly seeking balance…

And I am. And right now, my scale is tipping. So I am going for that nap. Even if it will be the short-lived, headache-inducing variety.