Husband and I have left home. We’re away for a long weekend. The children are stowed here and there thanks to loving friends and loyal sitters.

Hurricane Earl has someone dented our plans for a mellow weekend on Ocracoke. No worries, though! We loaded the VW with the bikes and gear parked it by the hangar. Then we headed out on the Harley. A ride through the country has landed us on the Hill for lunch.

As we rode, I mostly read. I’ve started a book called, The Girls of Ames. (I’ll edit and underline once I’m home. I’m writing this from my phone. It’s a great book so far. But I was often distracted.

The distraction was my nose. I have a super sniffer. I could smell baby poop from the other side of the house back in my day. But this was a pleasant smell.

Now this may be a bit gross or “uncouth” for some, so continue reading cautiously.

My nose noticed I smelled. And I started to get distracted. Not bad smell. Just normal human smell. I use a crystal most days by itself and then some days a crystal and Tom’s. And so I smell human.

So that started me thinking about how we (the collective) are not aware of how most things truly smell and we often find true smells offensive.

I adore the way Husband smells after getting sweaty. Do I want to smell him like that all the time? No. But I do like it. I also like the way he smells at the end of the day or the first thing in the morning. He isn’t necessarily shower fresh, but he’s human.

And there are a lot of other smells I like to which many turn their noses off. Not that I want the smells hanging onto my nostril hairs for days. It’s just life. And life isn’t all roses. Or “fresh rain” or “vanillaroma.”

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