We headed home on the bike. A nice way to start the morning.

After picking up the VW we went to the house to leave the bike and to figure out our next move. We were also looking forward to seeing the two girls still home.

As I expected, we were greeted enthusiastically by the girls. All hugs and smiles! I went to the barn to check on the horses and then walked in the house.

All was good. Until just making rounds I see the redhead had been in her older sister’s room. Not.Supposed.To.Do.That. Not because there is anything secret, but older sister is not there and we respect one another’s spaces. Older sister is the only child with a single room because she keeps things picked up better than the rest. And sho ’nuff… redhead had massacred the room. Oh.My. It made my head spin, but I was able to handle it. She did get a spanking from Daddy.

Now, some of you reading are probably appalled by that. And it’s fine to be because you are not our children’s parent. We are working to instill a respect for personal property in our children. The gubmint doesn’t respect personal property. Most citizens, even those who own their own real property, don’t respect the property of others. Our children will learn to respect property. Real, physical, and personal.

So, needless to say, we (Husband, redhead, and me) were all hurt and sad. Redhead did get love and explanation. That room had been locked with permission and redhead violated the lock and then went in and took out items that were not hers, played with them on that floor, and left them scattered about the floor. She knows better. She is almost 7.5 years old. Older sister is just 2 years older and so the messed-with items were only rubber stamps and dress-up and stuffed animals. Redhead has all those things available to her without using older sister’s. It was just wrong.

Redhead is the most tenacious and the most fragile of all our children. She had just spent the past 24 hours with her teen idol. She was on cloud nine. To bump her off that cloud and put a chink in her heart right before we were to leave again seemed unfair. But we had to remind her of the rules. Rule 21 says that if we break one of the rules then we accept the discipline and instruction that goes along with the infraction.

Dare I suggest that if we all accepted correction and instruction as well as redhead when we break rules, then our society would function more like it was intended to function.

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