Sure, Thank Goodness It’s Fri-Day! But how about a little lunacy with your coffee?

Coyote Blog uses a humorous piece of CA legislation to illustrate the lunacy of blaming current generations for past generations’ crimes.

Free Range Kids points out the lunacy of dragging your kids in while you pay for fuel.

Pat Condell in a video on Jihad Watch exposes the lunacy of building a Mosque/Cultural Center/Whatever at Ground Zero. You don’t have to subscribe to his beliefs, but he no less makes the best point EVAH.

And, well, I learned about some case law last night. I’m going to do some research and share it with you later. You just will not believe it. WILL NOT.

What am I doing this Friday? We’re starting our day with lessons and then for our Free Time/Lunch Time/Quiet Time we’re heading east a couple of counties to visit Auntie M and have lunch at Mad Hatter maybe. Then we may head further east a county or so and visit Mams and Big Dad or come back home and finish lessons. I just don’t know. Depends on how the bruises from the busted blood vessels feel… 😀