There are two different kinds of Quiet Time in our home.

The first is the family’s Quiet Time. It takes place after lunch most days. The children are expected to spend an hour or two hours in their rooms quietly. They can play, work, sleep. I don’t mind. As long as I don’t hear them. Doesn’t that sound awful? But I need it as much as they do…
The second, more important Quiet Time is my Quiet Time with God. Now, I don’t wear the Jesus Pin often, so keep that in mind. This takes a lot for me to even share… But my Quiet Time where I read a devotional, just think and pray about life and people, work on a study, and/or read my Bible is the most important time. Do I do it every day? No. Do I rise when the home is still dark and have Quiet Time? No.

What I have been doing is most, not all, nights once everyone is asleep, I have my quiet time. The house is put away, there is nothing requiring my attention. I had honestly tried to have Quiet Time in the morning but all I could think about was which one will wake first, I need to start breakfast, the laundry should get going, feed the horses, etc etc etc and so I just couldn’t focus.

Then I read this post at Women Living Well. I watched the video at Fall Good Morning Girls. And I decided to make another go of it. I don’t know who to ask to do this with me. My faith is my faith and while I don’t hide it under a bushel, I don’t wear the Jesus Pin, either. I don’t know that I want to have a group. But I do know that I want to try to be with God in the mornings and then end my evenings only with prayer.
So, after a few days of thinking and praying about it, this morning after kissing Husband good-bye, I took my cup of coffee, sat at the table with my Bible and a study I’ve never gotten to (God’s Portrait of a Beautiful Woman by Dorothy Davis) and began with reading my Bible and beginning Lesson 1 and creating a new prayer book in a clean spiral notebook. It felt good. Even as the children tiptoed into me for morning hugs and requests for juice. I just loved them and told them I’d be with them in a moment. And I followed through.
I still don’t know if I want to be in a Good Morning Girls group. But I do know I want to continue to try my Quiet Time in the mornings.