In my post Weekend Morning Eats, I mentioned the Bethabara Moravian Church Cook Book I picked up at a Swift Thrift. As I wrote that post I realized I must share with you what about Swift Thrifts.
Like so many of my posts, I must state a disclaimer. I can’t claim this idea as my own. It may be mine, it may be one I found online or in a book, or it may the idea of a co-conspirator. I don’t know. Anyone that knows me knows I have terrible short-term memory.

Here’s how it all happened…

I was a part of this amazing playgroup. Time-Out Playgroup to be exact. We met once a week for a couple of hours. We had structured activities, random activities, free activities, Mom’s Nite Outs, service projects, Crop-N-Crafts, and so much more. Gosh, that was an incredible group. It, like so many other groups led by moms, eventually outgrew itself as we all outgrew its need. And that is very sad. So sad. One of the things we did for one another and as a service project was to hold Swift Thrifts.

A Swift Thrift was basically a cash-free yard sale amongst ourselves with the remainder of the goods being packed up and donated to Piedmont Rescue Mission’s Good Samaritan Thrift afterwards. We’d set out tables, usually outside if we could, and set our things out on them and if something would fit our needs, we took it – no money exchanged hands. One playgroup member would be responsible for taking any remaining items to Good Samaritan immediately following the meeting so the event was done in just a few hours. It was GREAT!
What kind of things did we set out? EVERYTHING. We were quite a diverse group in many ways. There were kitchen appliances like a mixer and a bread machine. There were clothes, books, crafting supplies, scrapbooking supplies, linens, shoes, purses, etc etc etc. Amazing. We had only one rule: don’t bring crap. If you think it should be thrown away, throw it away. We didn’t want to take a bunch of crap to Good Samaritan Thrift.

We didn’t clean the house out. Most of us had very young ones and not the emotional capacity to clean sweep our homes for a mass exodus of stuff. We just grabbed from the top layers the things we knew we were not using or not going to use. Swift Thrifts helped us get rid of clutter, shared goods with one another, and shared valuable goods with a local mission. It was truly a win-win-win.

This was SUCH an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, it makes me want to do another. But with whom? We no longer have Time-Out Playgroup…