Because I’ve been asked, I’ll share my thoughts.
Do I think that the Muslim leader who plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero can do just that?

Duh. Yes. It’s a property rights issue. If the leader has permission from the land owner and/or owns the land then of course he may do whatever he likes with it. I am not a fan of zoning, so keep that in mind.
Now, is it in good taste? Well, that’s another issue. But should the gubmint stop him? I see nor know of any constitutional reason the gubmint can. Not that the gubmint lets a little thing like the Constitution stop them most of the time…

My larger concern about this issue is the idiocy of the conservative base when discussing this topic. I am gravely concerned by the large numbers of people who identify as conservative, generally the side in staunch support of property rights, yet are so willing to sell out this foundational principle because they don’t like the idea. Duh.

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For the record, I formed my own opinion before reading any blogs on the topic. I like opinions and collect them daily. 😉