It’s just barely 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s a very quiet morning. Husband has left to meet up with eldest and friends who are playing the county parent-child golf tournament today. Everyone is asleep but redhead and me.

Redhead, the middle child and middle daughter, came in this morning as I was having my first cup of coffee at the table and beginning to work on my Daily Docket. She looked at me sweetly and suspiciously and stated, “We’ll have cereal this morning, Momma, you don’t have to cook.”

Now, in my house, that is a very unusual statement. Cereal is not revered on high as in some other homes. Here, if I provide cereal for breakfast it might as well be along with a prison sentence. They’ll beg me to cook. “Just pancakes, please. Just mommy toast, please. Just eggs, please.” And often I give in. It’s my fault, after all, that they love a warm breakfast. It’s what they have most of the time.

Also, when redhead said this, I flashed back to last night as we were all headed to bed. This weekend we’ve been honored to have some teens with us while their parents were away on an anniversary trip. The eldest teen, a young woman, if the very favorite “big person” of the redhead. To say that redhead “adores” this young woman is the understatement of the millennium. Well, as we were headed to bed last night, redhead said the same thing. “We’ll have breakfast in the morning, you don’t have to cook.” Well, even the young woman knew this was odd and said as much!

SO back to this morning…I am at the table, redhead tells me they’ll eat cereal and then tells me to go back to bed and rest. TWO red flags from the redhead. I told her thank you, but that I was up and planning my day. Her response? “Well, we have a planned surprise for you so you have to go back to bed.” And so of course, I did. Only saying on the way to the bedroom with my laptop, “Please don’t wake anyone up, let them rest. And please plan to clean up your surprise.”

How awesome, huh? Now, I suspect that in the time it takes me – wait a minute…

She just came in with a slip of paper and said, “You will stay in here and we will handle everything until 10:21a.” Well.

I was saying that I suspect that by the time I have this post spell-checked, trackbacked, etc etc, she will have woken someone, probably the young woman, up and is in full action. She can’t help it. She’s just like her mom…