Beginning this month, I am joining in with Sarah Mae to learn 12 New Things over the next year. I am looking forward to the opportunity to challenge myself and master just one new homemaking skill per month. What an exciting thing to learn about on (in)Courage. Read about Sarah Mae’s inspiration for the challenge here. And then read her list of 12 New Things here on her blog Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. If you blog, join in! If you don’t make a list! And share it with me. I’ll help you keep accountable to yourself as I check in myself on the last Thursday of each month. August is nearly past so I think I’ll begin in September. Here’s my list…

September – making loaf bread for sandwiches

October – Sewing for myself

November – stitching with the Alabama Stitch Book

December – canning soups

January – sofa slipcovers

February – beef jerky

March – xeriscaping

April – tree identification

May – speed dressmaking

June – drying ornamental flowers

July- summer make-up

August – using a power drill for simple wood projects
Wow. That was a pretty tought list to create. Had no idea it would be so hard.

So…what are your 12 New Things?