The past several days I’ve been unable to blog for various reasons but in summary because LiFe was not leading me there. Initially I had a bit of anxiety about not blogging. That turned to guilt. Then yesterday it turned to placing it into priority.

I do enjoy blogging. A LOT. And it’s an easy thing to do while kids work independently on lessons and I have the words worked out in my head. It’s not such an easy thing to do when I am trying to keep track of the direction in which each kid is going with migraine sprinkled on top. The priority was set for me.

That’s a funny kind of thing. How are priorities can be set for us, that is.

Many moons ago my dad took me to Atlanta, GA and had me tested for aptitude at the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. Now, Husband likes to laugh at this, but two of my primary aptitudes are Foresight and Graphoria. They may have different names now as this would have been in 1990 or so. Foresight is the aptitude that drives me to want to plan things out to get to the goal at which I am aiming. Graphoria is a measure of clerical speed and accuracy, ie paperwork stuff.

When beginning to think about this blog, I did visit the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation website and read an article titled “Choosing Your Way With Words” about aptitudes and writing styles. Not surprisingly, there are styles for which I am not suited. I have low ideaphoria. I can run and grow with a tossed-out idea, but struggle to come up with my own ideas. I know what I am suited for naturally and I can add in my interests when choosing about what to write.

So as I develop this blog and my own voice, I can prioritize with more ease that which I want to write about. When LiFe allows me to write, that is.