Well, here it is again. I think it’s my third Friday of blogging. Makes me think that I should have a giveaway on my month-a-versary. Hmmmm… Any ideas?

In early reflection of my blogging career, I want to talk about the most frequent thing I’ve been told about my blog. I’m random.

Well, yes, I am. And I thought long and hard about this before I began this very public blog. There are all kinds of specific blogs out there. And some just stream-of-consciousness blogs. But I wouldn’t really fit into those categories.

Yes, I am random. There are bloggers that have several blogs. One blog each for a specific topic of interest and then a personal blog. But I am neither that organized, nor willing to commit the time to such efforts. Just call me lazy.

What I am is passionate. About many things. I have firm beliefs in regards to education, medicine, parenting, independence, government and gubmint. And many other things. I like to sew, knit, cook (but not clean up), iron, scrapbook, date my husband, etc etc etc. And I want to share them. Husband has already heard all about it. He’s bored. And I may begin losing friends if I don’t shut up. So you’re my next victim. hugskissesluvyameanit


Some friends read this and are not at all impressed. And they say so. *hmph* But that’s Ok. It’s not your blog.

Some friends have read this and wonder why it isn’t all related to my faith. Well, my faith is my faith. I’ll share what I want and when I want to.

Some friends read this and wonder why it isn’t all homeschool, or  cooking, or outdoorsy, or politically related. Well, I don’t think about any one thing all the time. Does anyone?
So, what am I going to give away next week when I celebrate my month-a-versary? Please! I need ideas, people! Help! A book of some kind? Knitted washcloths? A kitchen utensil? Hand-whittled fork, spoon, and knife set made by my son? What?