I was sitting on the front steps of the duplex I rented. Boyfriend was sitting beside me. He had just helped me plant dahlias from bulbs (or were they tubers?). Although, I never found out if they came up. But I do remember that while sitting there with dirty hands, I asked him, “Do you mind if I stay home with our kids when we have them?”

“I’d hoped you’d want to,” he replied.

We had a very brisk courtship. We had not grown up in the same town, not worked at the same place, and we were nearly 8 years apart in age. He’d already owned homes, businesses, vehicles, etc while I was on only my second job out of college, the first new car I’d bought, and I had no home ownership in sight. Yet we met one Monday night, he proposed 7 weeks later and we married a week shy of 5 months after we met. So Boyfriend was almost instantly Husband. And no. We were not pregnant.

BUT… I knew going into our marriage that I was with someone that would protect and nurture and provide for me. I didn’t know going into how much I would want to provide for him. I am so grateful it was in my heart to ask that question: Do you mind if I stay home…? At Musings of a Mompreneur yesterday, marrying wisely so that one can be a homemaker was the topic. It is a beautiful and true post.

Marrying wisely to be a homemaker is not at all what I set out to do in life. Being a homemaker wasn’t even on my radar as a child and certainly not as femi-nazi environmental lobbyist. WOW. And this is the job for which I was made. And I know this. Now.

Even though I grew up in a Christian home with regular attendance at church and youth camp and etc etc, I don’t ever recall anyone ever sharing that homemaking was an option. I don’t ever recall anyone putting homemaking, service to husband, mothering  on the hearts of the hundreds of young girls that were present at our annual youth rallies. Maybe they did and I just didn’t hear it.

Now, when my girls talk about what they want to be when they grow up, I always share that being a homemaker is an option, too. Sometimes they bite and we discuss it further relating to my experience in the professional world and then coming home to care for Husband and Family. It is a goal of mine to make sure there are distinct differences in the roles of males and females. And females are made to be nurturers – especially in the home.

So, I guess I kind of “fell” into homemaking like we fell into homebirth and fell into homeschool. For all the falling I’m doing, I sure do stand upright well. 😉