Coyote  Blog expresses an excellent summary of the Anti-Responsibility Law as yesterday’s “Stimulus Bill” has become known. This particular stimulus killer shoves more money at education and medicaid in an effort to “ease” the burdens of such on state budget lines. Uh… why is the federal gubmint spending ANY money at ANY time on these two programs?

Well, the honest answer is “power.”  As you know, the gubmint is smarter than us and can educate *ahem – indoctrinate – ahem*cough*cough* more clearly and accurately than the private citizen can. AND… even though education is definitively a states’ rights issue, the feds are bigger and smarter and well, we podunks just aren’t up to the job. So the federal gubmint shoves money at the states and then the states become beholden to the feds. Even more. And guess what? Families with children in these institutions of indoctrination are beholden to EVERY level of gubmint. I’m just sayin’…

What about medicaid? Well, I am not even going there today. I’ll expound on that topic later. Because I’ll need more time without children patiently waiting for lessons to share why I don’t believe in any form of gubmint medicaid/welfare/unemployment hand-outs.

While you’re sitting on the edge of your seat to hear what I have to say, go to Coyote Blog, read about the Anti-Responsibility Law and then read more. And more. And more.