I haven’t given up. There’re just a lot of things rolling around in my big head for which I haven’t fully formed words yet. It’s there, though. Oh, it’s there.

There’s this fine line, I am learning, between making a real solid argument and just pissing off everyone around you. Even your husband. So, for some of my more controversial topics, I am working on my wording. ‘Cause truth to tell, I don’t really want to piss everyone off. I just want folks to think of things from perhaps a different perspective. And, yes, I used a Frances Woody reference on purpose. That woman grates me, but I no less read her column for a different perspective.

There are topics like gold standard, courtship, daycare, obesity, home birth, pill-popping, etc that I want to talk about. But I want to think about them a bit more. So let’s start with something easier… Re-usable shopping bags.

This is the funniest study report I’ve ever read. I.HAVE.EVER.READ. It’s barf blog reporting on a report by the Canadian Plastic Industry Association describing the inherent risks to using reusable shopping bags.

Now, the link to the actual report is broken. And yes, I tried multiple times. But what’s SO funny about this is #1 – This is published by a plastics council. Of course they want folks to be scared by the rising use of reusable shopping bags. Duh-huh; and #2 – wouldn’t this just be an example of weeding out the stupid folks? You know, survival of the fittest? Really. Is it too much to realize that if one puts chicken in a reusable bag that the bag should be washed before re-using? Duh-huh.

This is so stinkin’ funny I don’t even think I can go on. Seriously. Are there really that many idiots out there or does the plastics council just want us to think we’re idiots.

And in an effort to offer full-0-disclosure, I use reusable shopping bags. A lot. And I have been. My favorite is the Reisenthel mini-maxi shopper. I started collecting them when Harris Teeter was running them on BOGO and they were marked down to $6.99 with the VIC card. So I done good.

I also like the Baggalini. I have no idea which one I have. I found it on clearance at TJ Maxx and their website is mucho-overwhelming.
And I use my LL Bean Boat and Totes all the time… they’re the best.

Happy Shopping!