Here is Friday ALL over again. A week full of birthdays, friends, newly-started projects.

And a newly-settled soul that we really do have to make the decisions we believe are best for us. Even when we want to ignore our options. Even when they aren’t what we want them to be.

I had the honor of supporting a friend through a tough time this week. My friend had to make a tough decision and had to make it with significant other factors to consider. Tough decisions suck. They are not usually pleasant and even when they are they require turmoil. At this moment my friend has made the decision that is best. It’s my hope the decision will hold. Much love to you, my dear friend.

Sometimes decisions come to us requiring immediate attention and we don’t even have time to study all the factors. We don’t know what is the best decision to make because we don’t have all the information. So we react. But when we react we need to know – way deep down – that the decision may need to be reversed or hesitantly accepted as quickly as we made it. If it’s in question whether or not to call 911, call 911. It’s OK. I had to make that decision last night in a dark rain and accept it today.

Another decision I had to make fairly swiftly today was that of hiring a new housekeeper. Now that sound like a no-brainer to some but I like my space. MY space. A person was offering fair work in exchange for fair wage. I didn’t think long on it. Yet it is a major decision. It will have a major impact on our family. A positive one, I pray. This is a decision I have been ignoring. And now it’s made.

Fri-Day. Wow.

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