Right now, before the sun is even starting to rise well, Husband and eldest son are off to get doughnuts. Good yeast doughnuts. With fillings. And some just glazed.

Eldest will turn 11 years old today at about 1215pm. Here is his birth story as recorded in his scrapbook:

Folks knew I was on my way when contractions started Wednesday night, August 4 at 843pm and were seven minutes apart. Daddy and Momma went to the grocery and picked up Gatorade and snacks for the labor. When they arrived home, the contractions were five minutes apart…

And what I story I had to tell. Daddy called our midwife and she said we should monitor the labor for another 30 minutes. At about ten o’clock, Midwife decided to come to town. When Midwife arrived about 11 o’clock contractions were one to two minutes apart and lasting one to one and one half minutes. Mommy was leaning over the sofa and Daddy rubbed her back to help the pain away.

Daddy filled up the swimming pool with water to about 102 degrees F and put a sleeping bag over it to keep the heat in until Momma could get into it. Momma’s contractions kept coming but at about 4am Thursday morning, August 5 she was no longer dilating so Midwife put her in a warm bath to help stop labor and she had some chamomile tea and valerian. But I was ready to be born!

At about 7am I started coming down again and Momma was able to get into the pool at about 8am. Momma began to push me out at about 10am and that was the hardest work of all! When I was born at 1213pm, I shot out all at once with my left arm above my head. I was clean and cone-headed. Midwife laid me on Momma’s chest and Daddy hugged us. Momma was so happy to hold me and she began sinking into the pool and I went in a little, too! But Daddy caught us and has held us ever since.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Son!