About 730p last night I decided to start a cross-stitch project. With my effort to end my days and truly wind down before resting, I thought this would be a good idea. And it was. It was a quickie Dimension Co printed cross-stitch (versus counted cross-stitch) project I had found on clearance at Michael’s for $3.99 the other day. And so, while Husband mowed, I stood at the counter and stitched.

You see, I didn’t want to sit down yet. I committed to taking my lunges, my sit-downs and such in my workouts lower. Yeah. I am on this plateau to nowhere so I gotta take it up a notch. And whoa. I hurt. After just Monday. And of course, no pain, no gain so I did an upper body circuit yesterday which of course works the lower body, too. *ouch* So I was quite happy to stand still at the kitchen counter and cross-stitch and listen to the Liberty video the kids were watching. And, I truly don’t like to go to bed without Husband.

So around 9p I decided I had to go to bed. Husband was then changing the oil in the mower, I think, but my legs had tired. So I went on to bed. And.Stitched.Until.1.A.M. Whoa.

But it must’ve been what I needed because I woke with Husband and eldest at 6am-ish and dressed to exercise (even though my upper thighs and hamstrings were begging me not to) and once they left I even did 30 minutes of yoga. And that is certainly what I needed – that gentle stretching to move some growing and sore muscles.

Why does improving one’s health have to be so difficult? Oh, well. It’s going to be a great day and I’ve already gotten up and moving. Now where’s my coffee?