Yesterday morning was an exceptionally fabulous morning. I was ON. I worked out, drank plenty of water, ate a good breakfast, blogged, had quiet time, started kids on lessons and moved them into housework all with relative ease.

At some point in my endorphin-driven fog I decided that we would make mashed potato cakes in the waffle iron. So eager was I to present such a fun side dish to my family, and so blinded from reality due to the endorphins, I prepared the garlic-rosemary oil at lunch. I prepped and boiled the potatoes and finely diced the onion and had oil waiting in the pan before I had to run a late day errand.

Alas! Husband was home much earlier than anticipated and so HOORAY! He’d be able to join us for this great dish first hand rather than as warmed leftovers. He stayed here while I scurried across town more elated than ever because I was fully prepped for dinner which included a fancy and fun side dish AND I was getting to drive his Touareg.

When I arrived home I was beaming for myself and for my family. I started the onions to tendering. I heated the waffle iron. Mashed the onion, oil, and milk into the potatoes. Sprayed down the iron with non-stick. Shook in salt and pepper and poured in potato water to liquify the potatoes a bit. I grabbed the ladle and poured in our first batch of mashed potato onto the waffle iron. OOOOHHHH AHHHHH! The whole family was impressed with its sizzles and warm smells.

About three minutes into the cooking, I lifted the edge of the waffle iron. Oh. Oh. No. This was not good. The potatoes were too thick for the waffle iron and now I had a ridiculous mess to clean. My heart began to sink. In for the save was Husband. “Well, just put the potatoes in the skillet and we’ll have regular potato cakes.” Excellent! I had a skillet already prepped from sauteeing the onions.

Plop Plop Sizzle Sizzle

Time to flip those cakes as my heart was just beginning to rise up again in hopes of rescuing our meal. But no. They wouldn’t flip well. The potatoes were too thin for the skillet. Oh. No.

It was all well in the long run as everyone did get protein in the chicken and veggies in the salad and even a few of the kids ate mushy potato skillet cakes. And they even asked for seconds so they must’ve been good. But from now forward, I am going to try NOT to plan meals when I’m feeling so confident. Especially when they involve waffle irons.

But no. Oh. No. It was not to be. They browned a bit. But they were too thin for the skillet.