Monday. Blah. Right? Kinda.

After a fairly lazy weekend with Husband home most of the time I was not ready to say good-bye this morning. Nor was I ready to face the week ahead of me. This is a week set up for defeat.

It won’t defeat me, though. Despite the calendar commitments I’ll somehow fit in reading for lessons, the lessons themselves, outdoor time, housework, cooking, quiet time, etc etc. Same stuff, different day. And I started the week off the best I could by waking with Husband and drinking a big glass of water then going ahead and getting a workout in before the kids wake. Nice, huh? So, no, the week will not defeat me.

Mornings really are the time to make it all happen, aren’t they? If I keep this blog short enough and then quickly hop over to Wholesome Childhood’s Homeschool Freebie of the Day (so I don’t miss it!) then I can toss in some laundry, grab a shower and get breakfast started before 8a. That’s motivation right there. I am in control of my time. I may not be able to decide when activities or appointments take place but I can decide how I manage the time around those set commitments. A failure to complete my accomplished tasks is generally my own failure. I over-booked or I didn’t keep a steady pace. 

Sure, there can be hurdles that fall as we jump them, but just like any manager, a mom, the Home Manager, can’t stop to cry about it. She picks up where she left off, creates a detour and moves on. Hopefully my detours will be more clearly marked than those the Department of Transportation creates.

So what if it’s Monday. The week is here and I’ll worship Him with gladness and come before Him with joyful songs even so. T.G.I.M.!