It’s a dreary Sunday afternoon here. After successfully filing what seemed like a gazillion coupons, it was time to try that Cake in a Cup from The Art of Doing Stuff. You know, the one I mentioned this morning?

I gathered the ingredients and began to follow her directions. I was only lacking chocolate chips and they are for the top so I figured the cake would just be less chocolate-y.

Notice there is only one mug with cake batter in it. The kids were downstairs playing so I figured I’d give it a go first and if it turned out then I’d share. Do not notice the mess on the counter. I am not a neat cook. Remember the part about cooking I don’t like? Well, this is why.

I placed paper towels under the cup in anticipation of an overflow. And then shut the microwave and started her up for three minutes.

With 1:52 left to cook, the cake began to rise above the lip of the cup.

Just twenty seconds later, the ooze I had feared began to happen. But I let it carry on…

A few seconds later, the ooze turned into a collapse.

I had to stop the cooking to put the cake onto the paper towel because I could not bear the thought of the chocolate rubbing up against the side of the microwave over and over and over for over a minute longer.

When it was all over this is what I had:

So I took a taste and y’know. It wasn’t bad. And I’m not drunk. Which, by the recipe’s creator suggested one might possibly need to be in order to enjoy the dessert.

And the eldest daughter tasted it, she is a chocolate connoisseur. As in saves candy in her room for months and savours it bit by bit. But only chocolate candies… And TWO thumbs up from her!

So the recipe was a success. And as I finish this post, the youngest son and youngest daughter are eating what remains from that one Cup of Cake. So one cup was enough. For today.