Why is it that those who tout themselves as the most peacemaking of a conflict are often the most egregious?

Why is it that those who tout themselves as the most open-minded are often the most intolerant?

Why is it that those who tout themselves as the most devout are often the shallowest?

These questions truly do plague me. No, it isn’t that I care that much about how others live their lives. No, I don’t care. It’s safe to say that I truly am a live and let live gal. Until you drag me into your web and then I’ll fight like hell to get out. No matter what it takes. Fright or flight.

Peacemaking. What.A.Load.Of.Crap. There will eternally be conflict among nations, races, regions, and individuals on this earth. Until we are delivered by Jesus we are flawed. We will always argue. What one person deems as a peacemaking effort my be interpreted as an act of war by another. Just today I was at the grocery and saw an individual with whom I vehemently disagree. Voraciously disagree. Total vitriol. Yep. That’s how I feel. But, in an effort to be peaceful, I just smiled and said hello. She turned her head. Whatevah. As I see it, she re-ignited the war. She may have just seen it as avoiding conflict. We will always be at conflict with one another and ourselves. There is only one perfect place and it ain’t here on this dirt. And as long as I am not forced to pay for your peacemaking, then knock yourself out trying to make love, not war.

Tolerance. What.A.PC.Trap. If you know me, and many of you don’t, you’d see that my world is full of people very different from me. Very. As in some cases, on the other side of the spectrum. And I am totally OK with that. My life is richer and more fun because I don’t just hang out with folks who think, walk, sleep, eat like I do. How droll would that be? By the same token, I am in no ways all that tolerant. I don’t accept for myself many modern ideas on sexuality, medicine, education, economics, etc etc. Yet I know the opposite opinions exist and they do not frighten me. In fact, many of the very “things” with which I disagree exist in my immediate circle of friends and family. And guess what? I am OK with those individual choices. It’s between that person and  to whomever/whatever/wherever that person is accountable. Shoot, as long as I am not being forced to pay for your choices, I don’t care. Knock yourself out attempting to make us all equal.

Devotion. The.Most.Shallow.of.Existence. There should be no devotion to anything that is so rigid that it disallows for the exploration of other views. Be it religion, education, medicine, etc., any devotion to things that supercede the ability of one to see anything other than a narrow view is moot. Even one’s belief and understanding of God changes with age, time, understanding. I certainly don’t believe God in the same image I carved Him as a ten-year old. There are people who were once close friends and no longer are because they’ve been wrapped in another religious experience. There are folks who feel the need to defend themselves to us because they choose another form of education than we do. There are individuals who fear my family because we don’t see physicians the same way they do.  Yet they can’t see there are other options other than the ones layed out for them (usually by gubmint or gubmint lobby). They can’t see that there are other viable choices beyond the choice each of them has made. So as long as that devotion doesn’t require any money to be stolen from my family I don’t care if you’d rather pretend the world never changes. That we never change. Help yourself.

In no way, whatsoever, do I think I have it figured out. I most certainly don’t. Nor do I have any desire to figure it out. None. Zip. Nada. What I do know is that I fall into criticism by those who tout themselves as more peaceful, more open-minded, and more devout than me. Yet I suspect their minds are very small. And their hearts even smaller. So.Sad.