It’s Friday. End of the week. Kind-of-sort-of-in-a-round-about-way.

As a homemaker, my days are all pretty much the same. Not that they are boring or mundane. But there is a distinct rhythm (which is different from a schedule) that each day follows. Breakfast, lessons, exercise, clean, outdoors, lunch, quiet, snack, outdoors, clean, dinner, chaos (we’re genuinely working on that part), then at some point, bed. Seven days a week, 365 days a year. But I’m not complaining or whining. It’s just an explanation.
Then Friday comes around. I like Fridays. Fridays mean my husband is winding down his week away and will be with us, for the most part, working here at home. I like this. He is not a nine-to-five guy. He’s a git-er-done guy so we can’t predict when we will see him for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But we know we’ll see him more often on the weekend and so Fridays are sweet days to me! Especially today because he was out of town this week.

While we were winding down our day last night, he brought up something valuable. It wasn’t the first time he’d brought it up. Remember  We Love You. What? ? I’m slow to take direction sometimes. He suggested that we must have an “end” time to our days and an “end” time to our weekends.

This will be hard for me. I will work hard at it, too. Part of the rhythm to my day is piddling around the big open area that is our main floor and wiping things down, fluffing pillows, getting lessons ready for the next day. Just as I finish, the dish drawer will beep it’s little finish beep or the dryer will shut off and then I am already again engaged in unloading dishes or flipping laundry. This can carry on for a good hour or so IF I don’t open the laptop. If I open the laptop, well, you know… It’s just all the little things that don’t have to be done, but I do them because it is how I unwind my day. It is time for me to find another way to unwind.

Piddling around tidying and ready-ing does indeed benefit my family. But it does not settle my family. Nor does it benefit me and my husband. We need the snuggle time, too. I’ve got to break this cycle. And I will. Somehow. As you’ve probably guessed, I don’t take direction all that well and I don’t appreciate rules well, either. But I’ll figure this one out like I do most of my family/parenting/lesson/life things – with trial and error.

It would be logical, because I am quite the logical person, to start by deciding on a bedtime. However, for our family that is setting us up for failure. We do participate in “afterschool” activities and we enjoy watching one another play so with four kids in three different activities in three different locations in the county, we are not often home with regularity. I’ll write about this another time.
What does seem logical to me for right now is this: Tidy the house BEFORE dinner. Whether dinner is at 5p so we can get to practice or if it’s at 7p when we’re all home or if it’s even packed to eat at the field, the house should be tidied BEFORE so we don’t come home or end dinner with anything other than a kitchen that needs to be put away.
I will also continue to prep as much for dinner BEFORE lunch as possible. This I do, as I mentioned in Cooking Confession, because I like to cook, I just don’t like the mess it leaves me. By preparing as much as possible earlier in the day, I am able to wash pans and utensils.

And, this will be the toughest for me, I will prepare lessons BEFORE dinner as well. Whew. That one’s gonna be really tough. I plan out a week at a time, usually on Sundays, and we use lesson binders, a very modified version of workboxes, so it shouldn’t be hard. But people – there are FIVE kids for which to print, copy, pack for. This is no complaint, I assure you. I enjoy the process. But the process takes time and I will find a way to get it in BEFORE dinner. I will.

Later, when I don’t have a grocery order to place, I will add to this how to avoid doing a regular day’s work on weekends so that weeks are more relaxed. Because I truly want that. I want it for my husband. And I want it for our family.