Why does the header of this blog read, “We  Love You”? Well, because it is the photo I chose.

It is a snapshot from some time back of our “white board.”

This was my smarter half’s idea. And it works. We have this dry erase board sitting on a window sill near the table and in pretty clear view from almost anywhere on the main floor.

On the board, we start with a Bible verse or a life quote. I select what goes here based on behaviors in our home, moments in history, holidays, etc. I also include a rule from the 21 Rules of this House by Gregg Harris also selected for its timeliness for our family.
Then the standard fare of our weekly events, who sits where at the table for meals and in the truck. The table and truck parts are the most important part I often believe. It rotates in a regular order but, well, sometimes a kid “conveniently” forgets that he is in the middle, least desirable seat of the table, or stuck on the back row of the truck without fresh air.

And then each day (well, most days) I update with more detailed information about that day, including the weather so that the kids can dress themselves appropriately.
We went a long time without the white board once. Mike asked me to get a new one. I delayed. He encouraged me to get a new one. I hemmed. He told me to get a new one. I hawed. He demanded I get a new one. And I think that time I did.  How did we live without it? It’s basically one big info center for everyone. That can read. And it’s one more thing I cna do to minimize my workload. And there’s a lot of work to do here, folks.