Uh… and where did the county get its cash? Uh. Duh. FROM ME.

This is why I had to sew today. For a second time. I had to chill out because stuff like the story I am about to share wears me out. I get all cranked up and pace and my nostrils flair. It is really unattractive. Really. And we’re not talking like I’ve got a lot of room to work with, so I need all the room I can get.

While helping my son teach a class recently for a summer program I was roaming the halls talking with my BFF. Yes, I was in the hall talking on my cell phone while my wee-est child roamed nearby and my eldest son taught a class. I can’t remember where the others were but that’s irrelevant because they’re not part of the story. Dang. I digressed.

So, I was roaming the hallway of a county facility. There, in a rarely used hallway was a 3-drawer filing cabinet and two large storage cabinets. Well, now. Having grown up with gubmint employee family members, I knew what to look for. The metal stickers or tags stating that the equipment was the “Property of County, #abc123.”

Lo and behold the 3-drawer filing cabinet, which was sitting in a hallway and was a fire safety hazard no doubt (if we’re going to play bureaucrat, let’s play bureaucrat) was EMPTY and had NO SUCH TAG. So, I moseyed on up the three steps in the hallway to the two storage cabinets. They were both filled with old paints, some decent papers, some trash, and some valuable and reusable craft materials. One had a tag on it. The other did not.

Well, I have a need for such office furniture and so I asked the agent with whom I volunteer about the two untagged items. She thinks, “Why not? They’re not tagged and they’re not being used and they’re in the way.” Let’s ask the lead secretary. We ask her. She thinks, “Why not? They’re not tagged and they’re not being used and they’re in the way. But let’s ask the director.” So we walk down the hallway and ask the director. He says, “Ask the lead secretary.” We advise him of her earlier statements and assure the director that among the things to be housed in said items will be the materials I use for my volunteer work. He’ll get back to us.

Tuesday I decided to follow-up. His answer was no. Now, that part I don’t mind so much. Truly do I understand the process for decommissioning county items through surplus sales. I think it is stupid and wasteful, but I get it. I am not writing to whine about not getting what I wanted.

What I have issue with is the director’s reply. He wrote, “Since county money bought the cabinet I don’t think we can donate it to her.”  Uh. I’m sorry. When did the county get off its sorry bum and get a job so it could go out and buy busted up office furniture? Maybe I missed this section in my 9th grade public school, Economics, Legal, and Political Systems class, but isn’t the only money ANY GUBMINT ENTITY uses from the taxpayers? Uh. Aren’t we the taxpayers? And as people with our names on more than one property in this county for more than a few years doesn’t that mean that we already purchased these items? Likely more than once?

See, that’s where he messed up. This is a man for whom I had some respect despite his public employment status. Until today. Had he just said “no.” I’d feel differently. Had he sent me on some long bureaucratic paperwork limbo excursion to “decommission” the pieces, I’d feel differently. But he didn’t. He told me that “Since county money bought the cabinet…” And that makes me irate.

People. People. WE are the source for all they do. If WE stand up and voice our thoughts  – anger, frustration, disappointment – then there can be change. But if we sit on our comfy sofas in our comfy houses just comfortably grumbling about it to our comfortably accomodating friends and spouses then we will only continue to hand more and MORE and MORE to the gubmint. It is a monster.
As Coyote Blog wrote the other day: ”

Please stop talking about there being a fiscal crisis or a government debt crisis.  All this does is give Democrats the opening next year to raise taxes.  “See,” they will say, “we care about reducing the deficit.”

What we have currently is a government spending crisis.   And the only way to solve it is with less spending.

Thanks, and we now return you to your regular programming.”