In an effort to avoid sharing with you a ridiculous bureaucratic failure, I chose to sew some more. Worry not, I’ll share that stupidity later, just once I’ve got a more level head. Aren’t I maturing? Go. Me.
SO I have this super cheapo shelf I brought up from my office and it now sits in the corner of our dining/lesson/craft room which is fully open to our kitchen and living areas as well. And it does not look right. I’ve wanted to cover it and couldn’t figure with what. Then last night it hit me. Not too hard, though.

There is this freaky place between here and Burvegas that has a ton of CRAP. And by CRAP I mean bent cans of questionable-quality food, cadmium-laced jewelry for kid, mom, and grandma, oddly interesting yet frightening decor, and GREAT $1/yard upholstery fabric.

This is the fabric I chose to use. All $2 of it. Yep. That’s 2 yards.

And so I hemmed the two longer sides for the height and then used two different children’s hands to hold the back corners so I could figure out how to pleat the front corners. Two more short seams later – for the pleats – I was done with the sewing. That quick. So I whipped out some velcro tabs, which will later be replaced with velcro strips that are stitched to the cover itself.

Now, I am not a smart man, Jenny. So I could not figure out how to secure it back. So I just used a safety pin. It’ll do for now. And then 40+ a few minutes later I am done. It’s not fancy or anything, but it is prettier. And I am done. And I will leave you alone. Because I am done talking. And I have kids to get to places. And it’s raining. And they’re loud.