Yesterday my friend Caroline posted a link to the angry chicken blog. The topic was a lovely and super easy snack/sandwich bag made from leftover fabric. I’ve been itching for a sewing project and so I took this one on.

The 5-minute video is every bit as clear and easy as the project itself. I especially enjoyed her “snack” and “sandwich” Vanna impressions.  It is such a super-simple project you’ll only need to watch the video once.

So, I gathered my material, notions, and a daughter for moral support. I didn’t have any scrap fabric close enough to the correct size so I grabbed a stack of quilt squares instead. I also could not find my nice scissors (remember coffee on the deck yesterday?) and so I used a pair of kids safety scissors. No kidding. Do you hear delight in this part of the story? And I was too dang lazy to change the thread on the machine so all of the pieces were sewn with a deep read thread until the bobber ran out and so I just swapped the empty with an already-loaded piece of brown bobber. Nice, huh?

All-in-all it took me maybe 5 minutes to grab everything from my total mess of a “craft closet” and place it all on the table.  My eager daughter set the machine up and layed out the fabric for me. Aren’t I blessed?

I am not a very advanced machine seamstress. My first ever attempt at sewing on a machine was my lined, cotton-eyelet wedding dress. The machine threw me for a loop at some point and I ended up sewing the last 1/3rd of it by hand. I’ve sewn quite a bit including several clothing items since then, but always with a little too much trepidation.

Since I am not as confident as I should probably be, I did indeed press everything, including the hems. I do not own a serger so the short ends did need hemming (or whatever that task would be called). If I had a serger, I doubt seriously I would have even pressed the fabric first. After pressing a few pieces and trimming them, I’d just sew them up as easily as in the video. It was quite motivating to accomplish so much with great ease in a small amount of time.

I made seven of them (one for each family member) in right at an hour including cleaning up. Which was a breeze, by the way. Just roll up machine cord, replace cover and gently toss everything back into the heap I call the Craft Closet.

The funny part of this project is that I am not sure how I will use them. I’ve been using Tupperware Lunch ‘n’ thing containers for nearly ten years as our to-go food containers, but I do suspect that these will often be used for snacks when running errands and toy pouches and the like.  I am nearly certain crayons will melt in them, gum will seal them, and bugs will poop in them. Good thing they’re washable! 😀

I intend to make many more. I hope you’ll give it a go!