I think that there are 4 tines on the average fork. Sometimes 3 and then there is a spork with its serrated type edges. This is my fourth attempt at blogging. At some point I’m bound to get it right.

I’ve blogged about homeschooling. Blogged about cooking. Blogged about homemaking. And blogged about politics. I can’t keep that many things separate. Not to mention all the other things I want to talk about. I guess that’s called old age. Or is it mental illness? Maybe it’s just familyhood.

So that lands me here. With a big mish mash of life. That’s all most lives are – mish-mash. There are those of us who have really direct, specific purposes in life. Growing a business, delivering babies, bashing republicans. Very little else takes place other than that one thing. But most of us do a little of this and a little of that. And some of it extremely well, but most of it out of necessity. You know, mish-mash.

What do I do? That’s not really the question I get very often. Well, except from my kids. What I am most often asked by other people is, “How do you do it?” And my answer is generally, “Some days better than others.” And that’s true. I imagine it is true for a lot of folks. Some days just suck. And some days should be video-ed as examples to the rest of the world. So how do I do what I do?

I believe in homemaking. I believe homemaking is the skill women innately have. Endowed by their Creator. My Creator is God. And my Savior is Jesus. And I believe this is what I am made to do. I am a wife first and a mother second. Everything else falls into place. Most days.

Don’t, please don’t, hold me up as some model of virtue. I am not. You’ll soon learn that. Don’t use me as a model of Christian womanhood. I am not. You’ve already figured that one out. And please, please, don’t use me as the example of homemaking. That’d be just  plain silly.

I do everything as I can. I start with a plan and I just bullhead my way through it.  Which is what leads me back to blogging… My plan, most every day, begins with some time in the morning with just my husband, me, and my coffee. Often I allow the horses and/or garden to join in. But my dear husband does have to depart at some point and the children, at least some of them, are usually asleep still when he does. So I now have a regular part of my day to blog. And one day… One day, I’ll do some regular sort of thing like a DIY day at Design Sponge, Outdoor Hour Challenge at Handbook of Nature Study, Wifey Wednessday at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, or Outrage Fridays at Free Range Kids. But not yet. Right now I just have to figure out if I can do this with some regularity.

For me, that is all I can do with what I do right now.